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Cross-posting: How it Saves Dogs Lives

Dawn's Minions of DarknessIn September of 2014 an unexpected bowl of newborn puppies was found on the doorstep of Henry County Humane Society in McDonough, Georgia.  The puppies still had their bloody umbilical cords attached with no mother to nurse them to life.  Mystiblu Betsy, daily caretaker at Henry County quotes, “I hope to share this message far and wide so the person that did this knows you sealed their [puppies] fate.”

And that she did.  The photo and description of the puppies was shared 1,649 times on Facebook, cross-posted to thousands of people on the web.

Shortly after posting the tragic image below, Mystiblu and the Henry County Humane Society had a generous foster contact them who was willing to bottle feed the puppies until they were large enough to eat on their own.  This Saint is Hannah of Fighting for Dawn Rescue.

Hannah created a brilliant Facebook page dedicated to the pups, Dawn’s Minions of Darkness, that she updated on a regular basis.  Hannah’s posts got cross-posted frequently, and everyone who was involved with initially sharing the post of the dogs in the bucket were able to stay up to date on the minions’ health.

Today, Dawn’s Minions of Darkness are all adopted and living their lives to the fullest in the happiest of homes. Below are some photos of the Minions in their furever homes.

This amazing story truly shows what cross-posting can do.  In this case, it saved 9 dogs!  Not only did it save the dogs’ lives, but it helped Henry County find fosters (Fairview Animal Hospital and Save A Lab cared for some of the dogs as well) and it helped Hannah gain donations to feed and nurture the dogs to health.

This success story is only one of the many that has resulted from cross-posting on social media sites.  American Dog Ranch does it’s part to share 10 stories per day on the American Dog Ranch Facebook Page.  These stories include dogs that need immediate help as well as success stories and funny dog quotes.  American Dog Ranch has recently instituted the Code Red Rescue program that furnishes $200 (or more) for fees, neuter/spa, vetting, and food to the licensed rescue who saves a dog in danger.  ADR uses donated funds to save a dog with a euthanasia time and date that is generally for that very day.  The licensed rescue is guaranteed $200 to get the animal out of the building before the Euthanasia appointment.

You can follow American Dog Ranch on Facebook to see these Code Red Rescue 911’s live. When you donate $200, you are helping American Dog Ranch save dogs, one at a time. Post donation, you will receive a copy of the Animal you saved. A donation to the Code Red Rescue program guarantees saving a specific dog every week.

American Dog Ranch has had a 100% save rate with our Code Red Rescue 911’s, and we need your help to continue our trend. Save 1 dog today, Donate! And don’t underestimate the power of cross-posting.  Share a dog in danger, because you could be the one to save it’s life.



Rescue, Transport, Foster, Adopt, Ranch: How it works


A licensed rescue must pay for vetting, miscellaneous fees, possible transport, and food. The average rescue can hold a select number of animals, making the foster and adoption process crucial to many animal’s lives.


Registered transporters are needed either by car or plane. These transporters bring the dogs from the rescue to the foster or shelter, giving the dogs non-permanent homes. Without this step in the process, the dogs would in great danger of euthanasia.

An independent trucker has transported 2000+ dogs in one year from the southeast United States to the northeast United States to “furever” homes.


The fosters are needed to hold animals until they recuperate or are adopted.  Many foster dogs result in a “foster failure,” which is when the foster family falls madly in love with the foster dog and decides to adopt him/her!


Adoption is a key process in American Dog Ranch’s mission to end dog euthanasia. Our goal is to have American Dog Ranch iPads featured in different pet stores, grooming centers, or anything related, that show different dogs up for adoption based on age, location, and breed. We strive to create awareness about dog adoption because we believe there are many people out there who don’t know dog adoption exists. Involuntary dog euthanasia would drastically lower if more people adopted each year.


This is where American Dog Ranch comes in. We promise to ranch any dogs that are up for involuntary euthanasia until they find furever homes, or for the rest of their lives. Until we are able to build American Dog Ranch sites in major NFL cities, we will team up with American Dog Ranch Approved rescues and fosters to ranch dogs and keep them alive and well. If your rescue or foster wants to become American Dog Ranch approved and support our journey to end involuntary dog euthanasia, please contact us via phone or email (located in the Contact Us tab above). American Dog Ranch gives construction grants to those rescues or no kill shelters who wish to expand capacity.  To view the current American Dog Ranch Approved sites or donate to these sites, click on the American Dog Ranch Approved tab above.  You may also donate to the new American Dog Ranch cart located within the DONATE tab in the menu above.