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Food, Toys, or Money

To avoid the needle

1 of the 250,000 dogs

That might die this month
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To help end involuntary euthanasia

Dog Rescue

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We Focus on Saving the Dogs Emotional and Physical Well-being

We are not only looking to raise money to help pay for dog rescues, transporters, and fosters;
We are looking to do a whole lot more.HELP SAVE A LIFE

Very shortly, the American Dog Ranch Portal and App will let rescues, fosters, and others upload a dog that needs to be saved in the SAVE App.
Soon you will be able to browse the 250,000 dogs at risk for dying this month in the BROWSE App.

These dogs will be sorted by age, dominant breed, and location.
If your retail business would like to display these animals on a Ipad (as shown below) at your entrance, let us know.
All we need is power and high speed internet access.


The American Dog Ranch was created in 2014 to end involuntary euthanasia of 3 million dogs in the U.S. every year using the American values of capitalism, philanthropy, and volunteers.


The tens of thousands of cross posters, rescues, fosters, and animal shelters need both arbitrary and financial support and the public needs access to the available dogs. American Dog Ranch intends to develop a WiFi network to further post animals by age, breed, and geography. Can this be done? Absolutely. When 1,000 people, companies, and organizations save 50 dogs each per week, this euthanasia will be rare.


We intend to build American Dog Ranch sanctuaries in the coming years to let the less adoptable dogs live full, happy lives.

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