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Code Red Rescue 911


Code Red Rescue furnishes $200 (or more) for fees, neuter/spa, vetting, and food to the licensed rescue who saves a dog in danger. [Read More]

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American Dog Ranch guarantees $200 to rescues, fosters, and adoptions that save a dog with a euthanasia time and date. You can follow American Dog Ranch on Facebook to see these Code Red Rescue 911’s live. When you donate $200, you are helping American Dog Ranch save dogs, one at a time. Post donation, you will receive a copy of the Animal you saved. Your donation here guarantees saving a specific dog every week. The licensed rescue is guaranteed $200 to get the animal out of the building before the Euthanasia appointment.

American Dog Ranch has had a 100% save rate with our Code Red Rescue 911’s, and we need your help to continue our trend. Save 1 dog today, Donate!