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About Us

The American Dog Ranch is conceived to eliminate involuntary dog euthanasia in the United States. It takes advantage of the hundreds of dog rescues, fosters, cross-posters, patrons, and the 11 million families that wish to acquire a dog in the next year that will not adopt a rescue dog.  The new ADR phone app will make the 250,000 dogs available by region, breed, and age.

We wish to raise the money to be able to feature WiFi touch screens in 500+ locations around the United States, allowing individuals and corporations to easily donate to dogs in need, as well as showing dogs available for adoption based on age/breed/location. The American Dog ranch seeks to build locations in all NFL cities around the U.S., fostering dogs as long until they are adopted (or not). We wish to find every dog a Furever home, but we will house dogs as long as it is necessary.

Who are we?

We are dog lovers who believe every animal should have the right to live. We realize there needs to be more awareness about the beautiful process of dog adoption. We want to make adoption widely known using technology and the love for animals.


Watch for the official launch of The American Dog Ranch.

What we do?

Save dogs


Finding Furever homes for dogs in line for euthanasia.

Donate to this cause to help end involuntary euthanasia.